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Clinical studies

In order to evaluate how BD4QoL supports patients after the treatment of head and neck cancer a two-step study is conducted. A historical study that analizes previously collected quality of life data that will be used as previous knowledge and a prospective study that will evaluate the impact of BD4QoL app on reducing QoL deterioration and supporting patients after treatment.

Quality of life data collected by means of standard questionnaires in previous research studies (BD2Decide and Head and Neck 5000)/ are analysed to identify indicators of quality of life..

A prospective multicentre randomised trial is then conducted on 420 patients who completed the treatment for head and neck cancer in four institutions (3 in Italy, 1 in UK) with the aim to assess if QoL deterioration can be anticipated and prevented by the addition of the BD4QoL platform to standard of care (SoC) versus SoC alone, in HNC survivors post-treatment with up to 24-month follow-up. For this purpose, the project provides patients with a mobile application for tracking lifestyle indicators. The app offers trustworthy health-related advice and information, using the integrated BiDi chatbot providing useful tips and recommendations for common after-treatment symptoms.

The analysis of the collected data will allow early detection of signs and symptoms of deteriorated health conditions after treatment, before they are clinically diagnosed.

The project will generate new knowledge for informed clinical decisions and for the most appropriate patients’ counselling and social-psychological support.