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For study participants

Participants are provided with an information sheet and consent form with all necessary information describing in details what will be done and what is expected from them. Patients adhering to the study will sign the consent form. Two thirds (67%) of the participants (Intervention group) will receive a mobile app installed on their smartphone for quality of life parameters collection. The app does not need any input from the participants. The remaining 33% (Control group) will not receive the application. The assignment of a participant to the Intervention group does not depend either on the patient or the researchers, it is randomly done.

All participants, both in the Intervention and in the Control groups, will be administered periodic questionnaires every 6 months for self reporting quality of life indicators and will be followed as from standard of care best practices. This information complements the data collected, which consist in number of steps, sleep time and phone usage in terms of the number of phone calls/messages done in a day and number of accesses to social network tools. The app also allows to ask for clinically validated information and advice, and any symptoms reported are considered together with the information collected from medical notes. All these data will be available to physicians and will be used to offer patients a more personalised support.

Patients are free to withdraw from the study at any time and this will not affect their usual clinical care, this means that the clinical and radiological follow-up will be continued as per guidelines.

More information for study participants is available here: https://bd4qolparticipantsportal.eu